Logo de l'agence Insularis, organisateur de séminaire et d'événements à Nantes

To accompany you
Insularis is by your side throughout your project with an expertise on your
objectives and constraints (cost, deadlines, quality).

To imagine with you
We develop together innovative and singular solutions (detinations, entertainments,
communication, logistics) to match your goals.

Organise your event
To lead and plan the operations
We manage your project throughout all your event. It permits you be part of the
meeting and available with your guests.

Estimate and follow the quality
We always have a vision of continuous improvement approach.

Master the logistics of your project
To reassure you
Insularis takes care of the logistic aspects (transport, accommodation, catering,
meeting rooms, technical services, energy) to fludify them, in particular on the
island destinations.

To free up your time
A unique interlocutor Insularis is dedicated to your project. He centralizes and
coordinates for you all the elements of the supply chain.

Tél : +33 (0)2 40 46 11 40